Thursday, July 10, 2014

Andes Mint Puppy Chow

I found this recipe today off of some cooking blog and decided to give it a try. If you like puppy chow and if you like Ande's mints, well then you are going to love this! It is super simple to make, which makes the whole thing better!

Andes Mint Puppy Chow


6 cups of Rice Chex Cereal
1 2/3 cups of Andes Mints (If you don't want to get that much Andes mints, you can mints with chocolate chips. I did this and it still tasted great!)
Brownie Mix or 1 cup powder sugar with 2 tbsp. of cocoa.


1. Put the Chex cereal in a large bowl
2. Melt the Andes mints in a pot over medium low heat. Stir until completely smooth.
3. Dump the chocolate mint mixture into the cereal and gently fold until cereal completely covered. 
4. Put the cereal mix into a large plastic bag.
5. Put either the brownie mix or the power sugar/cocoa mix into the bag. Close the bag and then shake until the sugar has covered all the cereal.
5. Put on cookie sheet to cool.
6. Then eat and enjoy!

Very easy to do, which makes this recipe even better! I chose to use the powder sugar and cocoa because I already had those ingredients and it seemed cheaper to me. I thought that tasted great but I also saw the comments raving about the brownie mix idea. So, whatever you feel is best!